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Billing and Collections/Revenue Cycle Management

Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Healthcare Business

maximizing practice revenue

What We Do

Focused on maximizing practice revenue, enhancing cash flow, and cost efficiency, we deliver timely, accurate, and affordable medical billing and collection services along with tools to measure performance and improve revenues and patient care.

We provide a full range of revenue management services – taking you from patient registration and scheduling, through in-office functions, to billing, collections and payment processing. Each patient visit has a life cycle that depending on circumstances can have as many as a dozen distinct phases.

We have invested in a process to develop a common payer management capability. This allows us to take what we learn from one set of practice/payer interactions and use them to benefit all of our clients.

We have automated significant portions of the billing and collection process in order to reduce cycle time and speed up payments. Over 99% of primary claims are submitted electronically and over 95% of insurance payments are received electronically.

Virtually all of our clients use lock boxes for receiving non-electronic payments. In processing your payments we will work with your bank.

In those cases where patients refuse to pay what is due to your practice we have relationships with collection agencies. We have a monthly process for working with you to determine which accounts should be referred to an agency.

Maximize Profits

You want to take your practice into the future with an emphasis on increased profitability through efficiency, technology and staff that are experts in the industry. HealthPCP’s software innovation can support your vision with optional fully integrated EHR offerings. With HealthPCP as your medical billing service provider, your organization can focus on treating patients and leaving the financial aspects of your operations in the hands of a trusted partner with a proven track record of success.