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About Us

Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Healthcare Business

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Who We Are

HealthPCP is a subsidiary of VSS Medical Technologies. The VSS group is comprised of companies that combine diverse software systems, which expand the boundaries of medical billing, electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice and clinic management, hospital administration systems and healthcare marketing. As a parent company of these industry frontrunners, our expertise builds volumes through access to a wide variety of services and a strong focus on efficiency and productivity.

With leading-edge data centers in North America, our HIPAA-compliant facilities host client information for hundreds of organizations and millions of patients, helping to transform the rapidly changing healthcare industry. With thousands of hours of experience among our dedicated employees, we adapt to the emerging needs of healthcare technology and services to increase profitability and accessibility.

HealthPCP has been in business since July 2001 with the main company offices being located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

The company currently supports thousands of providers and clinicians across several hundred practices and facilities. Our client base is approximately one-half primary care and one-half specialty care. Our specialty clients practice in fifteen different disciplines.

“Who we are” is represented in the company name, as our focus is “healthcare” and we serve to facilitate the exchange of information between providers, consumers and payers. Healthcare happens during interactions between providers and their patients. Those interactions are very information intensive. We manage that information to make sure providers receive the maximum possible reimbursement for the services that they provide.

Maximize Profits

You want to take your practice into the future with an emphasis on increased profitability through efficiency, technology and staff that are experts in the industry. HealthPCP’s software innovation can support your vision with optional fully integrated EHR offerings. With HealthPCP as your medical billing service provider, your organization can focus on treating patients and leaving the financial aspects of your operations in the hands of a trusted partner with a proven track record of success.