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What next for healthcare?

At this time it is hard to find a more divisive subject than healthcare, nor to write about it without incurring anger from one quarter or another, along with  accusations of some form of political prejudice. Whichever side of the healthcare see-saw you personally sit upon, one thing is abundantly clear: The times, they are a-changing.

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The Ransomware Rabbit Hole

Ransomware attacks on hospitals, small practices and clinics are an increasing problem. There are headline cases around the world, and many smaller cases of clinics and practices being compromised. Many don’t even make the news because they don’t actually get reported, for apparent reasons.

Recent headlines surrounding the spate of ransomware attacks against hospitals have highlighted again the complexity of maintaining security in any large scale technology environment. By nature, any open and interconnected system has many points of vulnerability. A permanent connection to the Internet means attackers have the chance to probe network defenses around the clock.

Wi-Fi access, a great bonus for legitimate users, allows 24/7 connection via cell phones and tablets - that attacker could just as easily be sitting in your parking lot, or even in your waiting room drinking your coffee, using their own cell phone or tablet to begin that breach. It's a dangerous world, technology.

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February Is Heart Health Month

As the leading cause of death for both men and women, heart disease is at the forefront of our thoughts during February, which has officially been declared American Heart Month.

To maintain a healthy heart, the CDC recommends some small lifestyle changes, which they say will add up to some big differences.

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